The Truth

You may be busy with something else but you should read the attachment for tips to use in the analytical method in structural analysis. I have been circulating the following to emails of engineers that I know of. I hope you will forward the following information to your friends, members of your organization and researchers so that they too can benefit from the truth exposed in my books and web site.

“Visit my web site at for the truth in engineering. Follow my lead to discover other truths. Correct input yields correct output. I am the only one in the world doing the ‘rotation of axes’ instead of the principal axes copied by everyone. We are now in the age of computers and approximate method is no longer correct and thus a new paradigm from the approximate to the exact method should be employed using basic mathematics, physics and the computer. There was no need to copy anyone using the approximate method. Tons of literature would have to be discarded.  Remember the saying ‘seek ye the truth and the truth shall make you free’ that should be followed for enlightenment.”

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